The Story So Far...


              Dipper and Mabel Pines, thirteen-year-old twins from Piedmont, California, spent the summer vacation before their 8th grade year in a small, rural community in Roadkill County, Oregon named Gravity Falls. It was, to understate the matter considerably, "not a typical summer" by any stretch of the imagination. Encountering gnomes, zombies, extradimensional math wizards and a demonic triangular overlord from the Nightmare Realm, the twins bonded with all of the town's residents, including their Great Uncle Stanley Pines, proprietor of the mysterious "Mystery Shack" tourist trap in the area, and his twin brother Stanford Pines, a man who had been lost between dimensions for thirty years before his relatives, assembling his various journals and making sense of their cryptic secrets, managed to return him to our world. Over the course of one long, epic summer, the extraordinary became the norm and the twins proved themselves up to the challenges they faced.

              But things change. Summer ends.

              Our story begins with the return of Dipper and Mabel Pines to their hometown of Piedmont, where their normal friends, their normal school and their normal lives await them. Can they adapt to a normal life again, or will the traumatic and spectacular nature of their summer experiences make it impossible for them to go back to the way things were? Meanwhile, back in Gravity Falls, Stanley and Stanford Pines must reconcile their differences and move on without the influence of their youthful relatives. Can they manage things without their kin? Can they put their pasts behind them, or is there too much bad blood?

              Everyone seems to be moving on... Falling Forward...


Divergence from Canon

              We're hoping to eventually put in "intro" comics to make this more clear, but for now, suffice it to say that our story keeps true to canon all the way to the finale, to the point where the Zodiac Circle was formed to defeat Bill. In our version of events, the Zodiac was successful, banishing Bill and his minions back to the Nightmare Realm and restoring Gravity Falls at that point. Because of that success, Stanley and Stanford never had their reconciling moment in the cage, and Mabel and Dipper's departure was clouded slightly by the 
knowledge that their Grunkle Stan would be leaving soon after they did, the Mystery Shack shut down, and 
Stanford resuming sole tenancy of it, putting Soos and Wendy out of work and separating the older twins forever.

Mabel isn't about to let this happen without a fight, so she leaves a surprise package in Ford's room...

About the Team

              What Are We Waiting For? is illustrated by Ciemnawoda19, a polish college student studying to be an archaeologist. She has been sharing her artistic talent via her DeviantArt site since 2010, but has been drawing for most of her life. Coloring is handled by Baron Num Nums, who I know nothing about. I will update this page when she tells me what to put here. ;)             

              The writing is primarily done by the site administrator, an american computer technician named jerrycnh (Dipper Pines on the site), with Ciemnawoda19 and Furrywolf13 offering brainstorming and idea-refining through various Skype meetings.

              Our primary forum administrator and all around "Soos" is Furrywolf, who shares the american location with jerrycnh and the college student status with Ciemnawoda19, making him a perfect mix of the two. Sort of. :)

Legal Disclaimer

               Obviously, this particular comic is based on Disney's cartoon series Gravity Falls, which originally aired from mid-2012 until it's finale on February 15th, 2016. This comic, and its content, is not necessarily reflective of any view of any current or former Disney employee, and is in no way authorized by Disney.

               It is our belief that our webcomic falls firmly under the Fair Use exception to their copyright, and that because we've transferred from television to a webcomic medium AND our artistic team's art style does not conform to the style used on the show, our use is transformative enough to even qualify for commercial uses of the brand. But while that may be legal, it's not very respectful, and the people who produced a show that we feel passionate enough about to continue after its end are certainly deserving of a great deal of respect. For that reason, we will never sell any prints or merchandise based on this particular comic, and should Disney ever request that we cease and desist our efforts here, we will respectfully comply with that request. Of course, we might do a little begging first - we love what we're producing here almost as much as we love the original show!